We believe that all pets should be identichipped. If your pet is not, this anaesthetic is an ideal time to have it done as your pet will not feel its implantation.

Post-operative care

Your cat will be sent home on the evening of his/her operation, with full details regarding the post-operative care. Once home, females should have their activity restricted by keeping them indoors to allow the tissues time to heal. This will usually take about seven days, when the sutures can then be removed. Males have no sutures placed at the operation site, as contraction of the tissues in this area closes the wound.

However, this may be a little sore for 24hrs and we would recommend that your cat be provided with a litter tray containing no cat litter for this period. The wound may be checked one week after surgery to ensure healing is taking place. If you have any concerns before this time, you should contact the surgery.

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