These can make your guinea pig very itchy. If you notice your pet scratching themselves excessively please take them to see a vet.


These can be caused by other guinea pigs scratching or biting or by damaged items in the hutch. Sometimes these can form abscesses which will require medical attention.


This causes areas of patchy hair loss. The affected skin is sometimes scaly and can be itchy. This can be passed onto people so if you suspect your guinea pig may be suffering from ringworm please take them to see a vet and make sure you wash your hands well after handling.

Respiratory problems

Signs include sneezing, nasal discharge, abnormal breathing sounds, weight loss and inappetance. If you notice some of these signs in your pet the sooner they are seen the better.

Dental problems

These can occur because the guinea pigs teeth grow continually and if teeth are not being worm down by grass/hay they can develop small spurs on the teeth with can cause discomfort, pain and damage to the tongue and cheek. If you notice that your guinea pig is not eating normally or if you would like your pets teeth checked please take them to see a vet.

Ideal guinea pig health care

A good diet, a clean environment, regular handling and prompt veterinary attention are the mainstays of good guinea pig care.There are no vaccinations available for guinea pigs. We do not routinely use anti-parasite treatments for guinea pigs, but consideration should be given to the routine application of anti-mite spot-ons.

Elderly guineas, or those with soiled hair are at risk from 'flystrike' in warmer weather and should be carefully checked TWICE daily for evidence of fly eggs or larvae on their skin.

There are products available that can be applied to the skin to prevent fly larvae developing. Always check the skin is comfortable and there is no itching (mites) watch carefully for a reduced appetite or dribbling (dental problems); make sure the feet are comfortable and the nails are not too long; get used to the feel of the body so you can detect any lumps at an early stage (abscess, tumour).

If you have any concerns about your guinea pig, or just a question regarding their care, always call 01323 640011, or use our contact form here. We're here to help!

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