What should I feed my guinea pig?
Guinea pigs are grazers and naturally eat grass, herbs and some plants such as dandelion. Their digestive system requires lots of grass or hay as guinea pig food in order to function properly.

Guinea pigs also require vitamin C in their diet as their bodies are unable to make it, they can get this from grass and leafy greens such as kale and broccoli or grass based commercial guinea pig pellets. The vitamin C in these pellets is broken down quickly so it is important to replace them daily. Guinea pigs also require clean fresh water to be available at all times.

Guinea pigs should be fed with care as sudden changes in the type or quantity of food offered can result in a poor appetite or digestive disturbances.

Guinea pigs’ teeth grow continuously throughout their life and need to be worn down and kept at the correct length and shape by eating grass, hay and leafy green plants. Failure to eat the right diet can result in uneven wear of teeth, leading to an uneven bite and further abnormalities of the teeth and jaw develop.

Guinea pigs produce two types of droppings – hard dry pellets, and softer moist pellets that they eat directly from their bottom and which are an essential part of their diet.

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