How much space does a guinea pig need?
Guinea pigs require space, ideally a hutch with at least 2sq ft of floor area in size with an extra 1sq ft for each additional animal. In other words, not too big a space is required for their cage or hutch.

They can live inside or outside but are sensitive to extreme temperature changes. Temperatures above 26°C can cause heat stroke and below 15°C can cause them to become chilled.

Guinea pigs are active animals both during the day and night and require room to exercise, stretch out and stand up on their back legs.

In the UK it is ideal to keep them outside in the summer and it is convenient to use mobile runs with a small hutch for shelter, which can be moved about the lawn. It is important to make the runs secure from escape and also from predators like cats.

In the winter guinea pigs should be brought inside and given plenty of bedding and a well insulated hutch. Bedding can either be wood shavings, straw or shredded paper. Hay is ideal and should be fresh, dry and of good quality.

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