As well as providing a full range of surgical and medical care, some of the many services we offer are:

For your Pet 

  • Health assessments for your pets of all ages
  • Advice on and supply of a full range of life stage and prescription diets
  • Supply of the latest prescription only flea control treatments
  • Advice on all aspects of care of your pet
  • Puppy, kitten and rabbit vaccinations
  • Weight Loss Clinics and advice for those pets carrying extra pounds

Pet Health Counselling

  •  Reminders for your pet's annual health check and vaccine booster

For our customers

  • Free parking and access
  • Low waiting periods for operations and appointments
  • The reassurance of professional service
  • Full range of diets for your pet
  • Extensive opening hours

A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet, and a regular check-up will help us ensure that your pet will stay that way. It is our normal procedure to conduct the health check at the same time as the annual booster vaccinations. This is the ideal time for us to advise you of any actual or impending health problems.

Dogs and cats become more prone to ill health as they get older, and we recommend that your elderly pet has a more regular checkup as he gets older. A blood test to screen for underlying disease in the major organs of the body may be recommended as part of your pet’s geriatric check-up

Feline visits to the vet - Useful information:

Bringing your cat to the clinic [PDF]

Taking your cat home from the clinic [PDF]

Important Information


Microchipping is a modem way of identifying your pet and helps to reunite lost pets with their owners.

The chip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted with a needle under the skin. No anaesthetic is required. Any species of pet can be chipped.

The chip holds a unique number and this number is linked to a central computer database which includes your pet’s name, address and phone number. Most vets and almost all rescue centres and local authorities have scanners that will detect the chip and allow to return the pet to their worried owners.

For more information or to book your pet in for chipping please contact the Practice.



Puppies and Kittens are often born with worms. By three weeks of age, worms may be present in the intestine and will begin to lay eggs, which will then be passed in the motions. The bitch or queen rearing her young may become re-infested from her litter.

Ingesting eggs passed in the motions transmits the worms. The fact that worms are not seen does not mean that the animal is worm-free because usually only eggs are passed and they are invisible to the naked eye. As the eggs take a few weeks to develop, prompt disposal of motions is advisable. If children are taught basic hygiene when handling animals, and pets are wormed regularly, the risk of human infection is virtually eliminated.

Our staff can give advice on a good choice of wormer.


Tapeworms are chains of egg filled segments that when passed in motions can look like moving grains of rice.

Animals become infected by eating wild animals and raw meat or by infestation with fleas. Tapeworms can cause disease in man and can be difficult to eliminate. The choice of wormer is very important, so please ask for our advice.

Worming Guide for Recommended Products:

  • Every 2 weeks from 2 weeks to 12 weeks
  • Every 4 weeks from 12 weeks to 24 weeks Every 3 months 24 weeks onwards (as recommended by the World Health Organisation)

Weight Loss Clinic

Obesity is a common problem in both cats and dogs and can contribute to several health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions.

We all know how important it is not to allow our pets to gain weight but sometimes the waistline of your pet can increase over time and it’s these slow changes that are less easy to spot. Most overweight patients simply need a more suitable diet in order to lead a slimmer, healthier life.

At the Practice we offer a weight clinic, run by our nurses, to provide advice on suitable diets, target weights and a timescale for losing weight. Regular weighings will encourage and support your and your pet’s efforts to slim and trim.

Teeth & Dental Surgery

We recommend regular checks of teeth and mouth of all dogs, cats and other pets from their first visit to the surgery to old age.

We have equipment not only for scaling and polishing of teeth but also for radiography, extractions and other forms of mouth and dental surgery. While dental caries is unusual in our pets, build up of tartar on the teeth is common and can lead to serious health problems. Some dental attention is required sooner or later in a high proportion of animals.

Problems often begin with a build up of plaque leading to tartar, infection and bad breath. Gums and bone around the teeth become affected leading to loose teeth and potential severe mouth infections.

If milk teeth fail to fall out by six months, they will need to be removed. We can also treat broken, infected and mal positioned teeth. Products are available to help care for your pet’s teeth. Please ask for details.

Repeat Prescriptions

Please note that many medicines are designated Prescription Only Medicines, which means that repeat scripts cannot be dispensed unless your pet has been checked in the last three months (flea preparations and wormers twelve months). This is designed to check for adverse reactions and to ensure that the dose and medicines are appropriate for the patient. The prescription check up is half the price of a consultation, so technically you're getting 2 appointments for the price of 1!

Pre-Anaesthetic checks

If your pet needs to undergo surgery we recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test is performed to allow for a better assessment of your pets health. These tests are performed rapidly in house on the day of your pet’s admittance.

Senior Pet

Routine examinations, blood testing profiles and specialist diets are available to allow us to provide a good quality of life for these faithful old pets.

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