Dogs are omnivorous and can eat many types of food that has been balanced to meet specific nutritional requirements. Rapid growth and development of bones, muscles and internal organs means that the diet is especially important during puppy hood.

A puppy’s nutritional needs are different from those of an adult dog because puppies need relatively more energy, calcium and phosphorus than a grown animal. They are after all building a skeleton. However Nutritionist's such as experts at Hill’s Pet Nutrition, believe that excess levels of nutrients can be harmful over time. Large breed puppies for instance grow very fast in the first few months of life.

If these breeds are fed on a food that contains too much energy, they grow so fast that skeletal problems may arise. Excess calcium may also initiate or complicate several skeletal diseases and bone deformities, especially in puppies hat will grow into large adults. Sodium, calcium and energy are essential to good health, but excess levels are unnecessary.

The right balance of nutrients is crucial as not overfeeding your new puppy. A good start is so important in helping your dog lead a long and healthy life.

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