rabbitpethealthplanOur Pet Health Plan for Rabbits includes all the preventative healthcare essentials for your rabbit whether indoors or out. Our annual vaccine prevents both myxomatosis and both viral haemorrhagic diseases (RHD1 &2). The plan includes a health check and nail clip at the time of vaccination and six months later.

On these occasions we will provide you with a worming treatment that helps to control disease caused by the parasite Encephalitozoon Cuniculi. In the spring you can collect a product which helps to prevent 'fly-strike', a distressing and often fatal condition caused by maggot infestation. With additional 10% discounts on a range of products and services you are guaranteed to save money!

How much will I save?

Rabbit Plan (up to 5 kg) Pay as you go Pet Healthcare Plan
Health check and annual booster £ 57.91 included
Six month health check with a Vet Nurse £ 21.36 included
A years supply of wormer £ 18.48 included
A bottle of Rearguard £ 45.65 included
Nail clips with health checks £ 21.00 included
TOTAL £ 152.06 £ 108.00 (£9 per month)

(prices correct 30/11/21)

Over 34% SAVING!

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Don't forget!

  • Convenient monthly payments spread the cost across the year
  • A fantastic 10% discount off your rabbit needs dental treatment
  • 10% off microchips and neutering surgery for your rabbit
  • 10% off any rabbit food or waiting room sales like shampoos or toys
  • 10% off any further anti-parasite treatments required

The small print

The St Anne's Pet Healthcare Plan is easy to join; fill out the online form here. Alternatively you can have a look at our brochure. The direct debit will either start on the 1st of the month or the 15th of the month, you need to have signed up 10 days before these dates to be added in time and you will be notified when you are on the plan.  You will only be able to collect included product and receive automatic discounts once the first payment has been made. Once we have a signed agreement form we are very happy to give an introductory 10% discount on neutering surgeries or routine dental treatment.

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